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Why do you need integration package like ISM?

This is a book for enterprise integration using integration package, ISM. It does document integration framework developed based on EAI/ESB or WAS product. It is designed for developers and integrators trying to support integration service with EAI/ESB messaging products and technologies. Enterprise integration goes more than providing interfaces between applications or data. Integrators have to consider a distributed system and application company-wide distributed for integration. In order to easily support it, they can adapt EAI/ESB tools. In case of proof of concept or simple tests, users could easily do interfaces between systems without difficulties. But when they start to implement it on projects, they wonder why they need skillful product experts and programmers. Most of EAI/ESB solution say "Simple and Easy & Time to Market" . But integration job looks not easy to implement integration on real world. There are so many job search for skillful EAI/ESB experts with Java skill. As a result, they have a question why they adapt integration tool instead of custom integration programming.

  Basic approach from EAI/EB integration tools is to easily integrate ANY to ANY data, applications, and process. We have experienced so many enterprise level big integration projects and found that most of requirements can be standardized and categorized. If an interface process consisting of a process model and some codes can be converted to object set that can run with data not codes, developing work load for hundreds to thousands of interfaces will be dramatically reduced. We gathered best practices and developed integration package based on EAI/ESB, Vitria Technology’s BusinessWare, and WAS, JBOSS. Integration Package, ISM, that was established on real integration projects can make users easily do interface on consolidated web console without writing codes. Instead of complex technical models or design following ton's of codes, ISM provide an intuitive integration composer creating interfaces easily on web console as well as a monitoring features that show the history about each business transaction and management function.

The common requirements from enterprise integration projects are as follow.  

  1. For hundreds to thousands of interface models,
    • Synchronous request-response
    • Asynchronous one-way send .
    • Asynchronous two-way request-response
  2. File / DB Integration.
    • FAST transformation
    • Repetitive boring mapping having similar layout.
  3. For high performance
    • realtime from 500 to 1000 tps at least.
  4. For availability
    • hot deploy
    • non stop service while changing interfaces
  5. For operation
    • Business transaction status & results
    • Daily report
    • Personalized Dashboard of current status

  Based on these kinds of requirements, features of ISM be developed on EAI/ESB tool and packaged. And this packaged integration framework, ISM, be free from recompilation or restart when something is modified. In case of complex process integration, pure feature of EAI/ESB be used. But most of integration requirements can be implemented by ISM.

ISM has been designed as a result of client engagements where “ease of use” and standardization for the business transaction flows and its patterns are some of the driving factors. Therefore, ISM allows configurable integration rather than custom development. ISM is proven technology and is deployed as a backbone of large clients.

Consequently ISM reduced the integration efforts and time to half.

This is why ISM was born.