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When the integration service requirements emerge, the accepting procedure of ISM integration service is as follows.

ISM Implementation procedure
  1. Defines interface components
    • Target system – Defines transmit and receive system. If there's transmit-receive system exist, do use existing system.
    • Data - Defines data structure between transmit and receive system. if the data structure is in use, do not define it.
    • Processing rule - defines data process rule about data conversion, routing rule, data type(file, table, flat message, etc.) Using the rule already in use is also possible.
  2. integration service composition
    • Gather each compoent to a single integration service.
  3. Running process composition
    • If the system not in us is defined, run the executive process
  4. Run integration service and verify its results
    • To run integration service, go through the application procedure of integration service comprised. Applied integration service is executed by ISM run process.
    • After the service is excecuted, verify the service execution result through web console. In the condition verified result is erroneous, check whether it's the problem of the components and repeat the process above.