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About ISM

Fore more than 10 years ISM has helped companies with smart integration solution - called ISM. ISM is not just a tool or solution but a set of know-hows of past 15 years of EAI(Enterprise Application Integration).

ISM is not made by a genius but by 평범한 많은 사람들의 노력.

ISM started from the thought to be independent from the limitation of integration tools. Most of the tools forced to follow their own styles, which did not fit users' requirements - performance, flexibility, management. Most of the biggest challenge using those tools were how to manage and monitor system from the point of view of business.

The economic and social change triggered by IMF also changed the style of work. As time goes, young engineers in the companies got older and promoted, but less new faces entered the companies. Most of the skillful engineers fade away, instead manager or directors who was excellent engineers once fade in. That means developer centric IT operation era is gone management centric IT operation era came.

Still new technologies - new trends - emerges for new businesses faster than the past.

All of these drove us to implement 이런 것들이 우리로 하여금 개발 중심이 아닌 통합 환경을 구성하도록